Company Profile

"I have created Ticket To Etiquette to share all the tips about Modern Etiquette in a simple, entertaining and engaging way. Modern Etiquette is not about complicating our lives. It's about being kind, respectful, elegant, social... It's about the good manners that should always be a thing of the present and not just of the past."

Vera S. Yammine

Founder and managing editor

Ticket To Etiquette is a simple guide to modern etiquette for a young and fresh generation looking to make a good impression outwardly on a daily basis.

Vera Yammine holds various certificates namely a diploma in international etiquette and protocol (IEP) from the Swiss Finishing School, Institut Villa Pierrefeu (IVP), and certificates from the Etiquette school of London and Finishing touch and the Academy of International Etiquette et Savoir-Vivre in Dubai.

Throughout her studies, Vera has successfully completed a number of courses and gained several certificates of achievements in Presentation Skills and Customer Care, Table Etiquette, Corporate, Social and Expatriate Programs, as well as in Initiation to Diplomatic Protocol.